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♥ The Guy Next Door – 4 ♥

Posted by Zura on December 3, 2007

I dunno what to share this time. I have lost my words. These all take too much of my time. I couldn’t think about it more.

I can’t survive if my love story still like this all the time. I can’t hold it. Since I were young, although I know that the guy I loved love me, there must be something always stop us to declare what and how we feel. Hahaa, that’s a horrible dream. I can’t realize how difficult to find somone to just only fill my blank hearth. I know that I am too picky maybe, but I thinks it’s human… I know that nobody’s perfect, there are counts of guyz trying to be my boyfriend. But no one of them can steal my hearth.  I can’t give my love to just anyone. I’m not prosecuting my boyfriend to be looks like what and how… Unless he can steal my hearth with something special within, I maybe easily fall in love with him. I just wanna let it through, but if this condition always and always happen to me, I think I’ll never get any boyfriend for ever and ever. But I do hope I can get the best one someday… ; P

And now let me begin my continuously story, hehe, it’s The Guy Next Door. I think I’m not fall in love with him, ever and never… This guy is too standard for me, I wanted more. Even I dunno what he looks like, I just pay attention for him in a distance… Oh,  that was really sucks… So Pathetic.

Last night when I begin to watch him from my house, I see him sitting in front of his house. Seems that he’s alone, how pity! But I guess he realize my presence in watching him..😛 Quickly I run back to my room with innocent feel. 😀

And a few minutes later, I heard his bike’s sound, maybe he wants to go to some place. And yupz, as my thought, he wanted to go to a house across mine. So many girls were sitting in there, and few of them are cute. Ahah, I know and I can feel something wrong here… Maybe my “Unperfect” prince fall in love with a girl in there.. That was so funny, isn’t? How pathetic.

Maybe the only reason for this is, I am awkward in society. I can’t just spend a bit time with friends around me. Oh God, please forgive me and always bless me…

But thanks God, I can easily forget that I have ever like him at least. And I’m waiting for another stupid things happen to me again and over again….🙂

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