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The Guy Next Door – 3

Posted by Zura on November 29, 2007

Good morning..!! 🙂 What a cheers wednesday… 😛

♥ The Guy Next Door – 3 ♥

Not much I wanna share today, just a little bit events happened yesterday. Yeah, as usually, I was always sitting in the front of my computer without anything to do. Just browsing, checking emails, blogging, and boring.. 😛 But not like usually, My boss assigned me to go with the messanger in my office to go to PT CPI, anybody here knows what’s that CPI? perhaps know, if not, CPI is Chevron Pacific Indonesia or at past it named Caltex.

I didn’t have lot things to do there, just pick several document tenders and write down bid announcements. But it took my times about 3 (three) hours. Oh God!! ¤¤

So, I go back to my office at 4 p.m . As my return, I ordered to work overtime coz we have to wait for prices from principal which to be delivered at about 7 pm.. So be it, I love overtime…😛 ♥♥ But I’m not so busy as you’re thinking. 😉

I go home about 8 p.m, I request my brother to pick me up on the way lead to home, because I ride my bike. I just scared going home late, especially there is a grave at the border of street lead to my home, of course it’s far disctance of my home. But to reach my house, you must pass that street. Because is not too much scary. 😛

Then be it, my brother pick me up at a gas station near to ATM. And thanks God I can get my home safely.😀 and now I must wait for somebody inside to open the door. Guess what! That cute guy just arrive with his bike, haha… And they saw me. I dunno what’s that mean.. But they just look at me without any wink even a while, they straightly see me. I can’t hold out and just enter my home immediately. I just see them for a second, I dont wanna look pay attention for them. U c, I wanna give a smile. But they look at me incisively. I really don’t know what’s that mean. Whether they hate  me, especially the cute guy I’ve ever ridiculed him while he sang a song at bathroom.. haha.. do you remember that? Pliz check out The Guy Next Door -1. And you gotta know it.

Oh, perhaps they didn’t hate me. Coz I just meant it to be just a joke, no more! But perhaps they saw me because they admire me. Oh damn, how was it supposed to be??😛

But something clear here, I don’t really like that guyz even less love. impossible! O’rite just look and see.   ;) 

One Response to “The Guy Next Door – 3”

  1. nana said

    so you like this guy eh? go for it!😉

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