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The Guy Next Door – 2

Posted by Zura on November 28, 2007


This is the continuoing of my story titled “The Guy Next Door”.

I always trying for just can only see his face. Everytime I heard the sound of his bike, whether going or coming, there is something bother me. I just hope that I can see his face.🙂 How pity! :P  And yesterday, my momma ask me to draw some money from ATM after working time’s over. But, I decided to not to do… Because I can draw it with brother after get home. He2, cheater, isn’t? Why not…  I expressly do that because I have a purpose, though. :D  If I do it after get home, of course I have a chance to meet him, upz, I mean, see him.😉

And God bless me!! hahaaa, When I’m leading to my bike, I see him out.. Maybe he wants to buy something at the stall near at our house. Oh My! So, directly I call for my brother to hurry up.. Coz I wanna see him closer.. hahaa… and that’s happen. I can see his face, but seems not clear. Because I’m affraid if he recognize how’s my feeling to him..😀 But he really see me.. Oh My God!! I can’t feel anything now. I just wanna go away, but from the deepest of my heart I wanna give him a smile…😛

Something that give me such an inconvenience, I dunno why, I guess he didn’t such cute as my thought. Because he wears the same clothes when I see him at first. I dunno… maybe because I didn’t really see him, just watch him at a bit far conceally.. 😀 Oh God, perhaps he feel the same way as me..🙂

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