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The Guy Next Door… ;)

Posted by Zura on November 26, 2007

The Guy Next Door.. hahaha… that’s funny, isn’t? Why don’t the girl next door like a title on film..🙂 Coz I’m a girl, man… So, I wanna share with you guyz.. Begini ceritanya.. hahaha…😉

Since I move in, nothing changes in my life. Same situation and condition, no friends, so bored.. I have to go to my friend’s house if I need some refreshment.  Unfortunately my house placed a bit far from my friend’s. But for me, that’s okay. I have a bike, I just concern about a single thing, OUT OF GAS! hahaha.. what if i’m out of gas while I’m in a road, or my wheels’s leaked? Oh God, that’s really a bombastic trouble if it happened. And I’m gonna be die if I haven’t money. 🙂 hahaa..

My friends concerned to come to my house, they have to much reason for it.. yeah, I know and always try to understand. But they didn’t aware something, if they judge my house’s too far and so dangerous to get in, why do I always try to come to their house. They are girls, so do I. I’m a girl too… And I think the road lead to my house is not dangerous, it’s the same road than it should be… Yeah, pretty much reason, and I don’t wanna say even a word to them… Something that I know, I love them and they are my friends… Distance, Gas, and Money doesn’t matter for me.

Oh God…. you see, I dunno when it exactly happen.. some guyz move in near to my house…. Just like next door.. haha.. the different is, their house is behind mine.. At first, I don’t care who are them, their face, where are they come from… But, when I see his face, Oh God, something happen here.. He’s cute.. Maybe I admire him… hahaha..

They are four, come from down town, hire a crib here.. Hehe, I mean they hire a house. And they’ve got job. That’s all I know about them. And about the “CUTE GUY”, I see there is a girl who fall in love with him.. But, I don’t care. That’s not bother me.. hehe😉

One of them have a same habit with me, that’s SINGER AT THE BATHROOM… hahaha.. Perhaps you got what I mean..🙂 So, I can’t take a bath unless I sing a song.. And I dunno why, so he does.. He has the same habit with me.. hahaha..😛 Something that you gotta know, I love singing (of course at my house only,😉 ) And my house’ll getting crowded or bombed if I were at home. Because I always singing.. hahaha.. of course with a hard voice and make all be fussy..🙂 My mom usually yell at me if she got headache to hear my voice. hahaha.. I don’t care, stress will be my trusted reason..😉

When I was lying with my mom, and my brother.. He was taking a bath, we know it because our house’s too near. My “Big House” was in the front of him, which the toilet was exactly behind my house. So, their toilet is separated with their house. But it doesn’t mean they haven’t bathroom.. They have, but if there is no water, they’ll take a bath in there..  So, when we’re lying.. We hear he sing a song (but not too loud like I do😉 ) and I can’t handle and stop my mouth for laugh…hahaha… he’s a bathroom singer.. Then I sing what he’s singing, so do my brother (his name’s oky). Oky’s making a sound of whistling (In bahasa : oky nyiulin lagu yg dinyanyiin cowok itu..😉 ) for that song.. and I do my best to sing it, hahaha… you see, I don’t know what’s that guy feeling, but his voice’s getting louder.. Then we all laugh together, OUT OF LAUGH… :)  ;P

Oh God, I don’t know.. I feel something happen with me, I start to give attention to him.. I’m gonna be a spyer. hahaha.. But I really have no time to do that. I can only wish that someday I’m gonna be his friend. Then we getting closer. hahaha.. Perhaps, but I wonder.

Maybe I’m falling in love with him.. But I’m not really sure, because I jugde my self fall in love with him just because his face, and his ride..🙂

So, now my life’s have had it’s color.. hidup gue sekarang lebih berwarna! haha😉 Ya, perhaps aja perjalanan cinta gue kale ini ada peningkatan..😛

So, thank you for sharing.. Your comment will highly appreciated.😉

C ya , bye bye, take care, have nice day, and Good luck!!🙂

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