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oh My God!!

Posted by Zura on November 26, 2007

Oh God.. today is really bored, the same situation with last friday at my office, there is no one at my office, just me sitting here waiting for a telephone call..😦

Last sunday, I visit my old neighbor house.. They are like a family for me. We are really close, they know our condition and so do we. Less than month ago, kak inel (they way I call her) were borning (duh melahirkan apa si bahasa inggrisnya? ) a cute baby, it’s a girl.. we are so excited when we hear that spectacular news. About two weeks ago, Me and My Momma visit them.. And we’re trying to give a name for that baby. But there is no escape, haha.. so much cute name for a cute baby, isn’t? So that we don’t really care about it, we let them give a name for their own baby. But last saturday, kak inel call me.. Wow, How surprised?! They didn’t give it any name.. hahaha… They must be confused to choose the best name.. :) 😀

So, directly me and my momma visit her. Before I’ve planned name, Nindya Aurella.. isn’t it cute?🙂 Firstly kak inel refuse that name, because it’s too cool for a baby from a ordinary family. Then I said, it’s so so.. Today is 2007 it’s near to 2008. We must give a modern name for the baby. After do consideration, she accept that and directly call her baby with “Nindy.. Nindy.. say momma..” :)  Oh My God.. I was sooo excited and feel so proud for give a name for that cute baby. I realised to concerned if she’s my sister. hahaha… So, be it Nindya Aurella…😀

Then, yesterday.. I got a news about a change of it’s name. I have named it Nindya Aurella, but maybe her husband feel uncomfort with that name so that they turn it to be Nadya Aurella. But, that’s okay. Nadya Aurella is cute…🙂

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