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My Birthday

Posted by Zura on November 23, 2007


My birthday! isn’t have been a past? yeah, of course. it’s on 19 november…. but there is something special moment happen on the night, when a guy want me to meet him after I going home from work. N I’m trying to keep my promise so I went.

I think he is a friend of Rosy, my friend. All I have in my mind, how dare rosy spread my number… but that’s okay. I understand, there is a missunderstanding between us. She deemed me spread her number, whereas NOT AT ALL….😦

Hahaa, at least there is a “human” celebrate my birthday with give me special moment and gift, where my friends not. He treat me at KFC, then after we get dinnner.. He give me a surprize… A cake n a gift… yeah, what a lucky I am..😀 Since I were born Noone of my friends do so. I am so happy.. But all that I’am afraid is… I’m afraid that He realize it to be another meaning while I’m just realize that he is just friend….🙂

He is so kind, I like him. But all I like him just as friend, no more. Hope he will understand this matter. There are too much guy I like when I live on this world, but no one wanna approve it…. No one of them aware that I love… even no one of them wanna keep in touch with me, how sad… So that I don’t wanna have boyfriend, otherwise because I don’t wanna feel pain, don’t wanna sacrifice, I just wanna alone and free…. At least before I meet my Prince.. hahaha… ^_~       😀

Yeah, that’s I am… So much guyz love me and wanted to be my boyfriend, but no one of them I would to accept. I do so because there is a sum of guyz that I love, but no one of them know that I love… No one of them aware that I’m just thinking of them all the time… But, I just wanna let it go. Perhaps it’s never gonna be happen in future, Perhaps I meet my best love…. (just wish.. easy!)

 Okay, that’s all.. thanks for your willing to share..

c y!🙂

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