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My Place

Posted by Zura on November 8, 2007

Hi Guyz.. this is my 2nd post..😀

Now I’m gonna talking about places where I live. Hm, actually I have two home town, first in Padang, West Sumatra and Pekanbaru.

First I wanna tell you a little about Padang.

Padang is counted as one of cold city in Indonesia which has so much gorgeous scenery and beatiful places to go. I live in Padang for about 7 (seven) years. Guess what?! Do you know why we move in to Padang which my permanent home town is Pekanbaru? Is all because my parents have fight over! There is no escape from them both to get a solvency, so undirectly they decided to divide. After that fight, my father go straightly to Malaysia. Then My Mom, Grandma, my brother, and me go to Padang. Why? because we have lot family there, and I was 6 year all (if I don’t have mistake ;)).

Actually when my family still in a good condition, we often visit Padang for about. So, my Mom and Grandma decide to live in Padang forever (:D) Yahoooo!!!! Padang is a beautiful city.. I’m gonna got there!!! ha..ha..ha.. I’m so excited. But I really concern to leave Pekanbaru, coz I have so many memory here. But that’s OK, No Problem! Let’s step ahead!!

I rather get confused to faced my self with people in Padang, coz I don’t understand their language..🙂 I really almost laugh to here the way they talking.😀 But, day by day, month by month, year by year, I was learning to understand it. and I’m succeed! ha.ha..ha.. Eventhough I understand their language, but it so difficult to use Bahasa Minang. People always laugh as satisfie they want when they hear I use Bahasa Minang, really? They say that I’m so funny.. Huuh, I am!

Padang have beautiful beach, it’s not only 1, 2… it have lot of sea… Wow, Cool!! I can go there everytime I want.. But it’s not like they way you’re thinking of, I just can visit it about once a month or less.. ha..ha..ha.. Then Padang have so much hills, trees, beautiful scenery, but they’re poor in modernity. They have only 2 Malls… (I don’t know the number right now coz I never visit it for about 4 years  (when my Parents decided to live together after 7 years separated, so we come back an gather in Pekanbaru again in 2004😉 ). I spent my childhood there happily, even I didn’t have so much friends though. But their sum is just like a horn when we gathered and I really thanks God for give me they as my friends..😉 You see, I can easily love boys there.. But no one be my boyfriend. U c, I even never speak with them.. Oh my God, i really a shy girl..🙂 And during I love someone, I always share and tell everything that I feel to my trusted friend. ha..ha..ha.. But nothing special in my childhood, something that I can still recognize that, sometimes I really never know what is the taste of childhood?? then sometimes I aware that my childhood’s really passionate and exciting… Either in my social intercourse or my achievement..🙂

Since I was kid, I’d love to sing qasidah song and everybody like it.😉 So that I always choosed if there is a competition in singing qasidah song… But not only that, I always choosed by teachers in school to compete if there is an competition in academic lesson… Until now, I’ve been choosen as a ambasador of my vocational high school to attend a competition in secretarial major for Province Level (And thanks God I can win it!!😉 )

You see, formerly I wanna acknowledge and mastering computer coz my neighbor can learn it from his school, meanwhile I’m NOT. There is no computer lab in my junior high school, there is only a library and a biology lab. Huh, so bored. But I temporary visit that library for spend break time.😉 Yeah.. maybe it’s a few story about my life in  Padang. he..he..he.. I’ll tell you more later.

Now it’s turning to my story in Pekanbaru. We come back there because my Parents decided to move in and gather again..🙂

Pekanbaru is the hottest city I ever live in entire of my life. It seems like on a heaven if it’s rain, coz the weather is going cold.🙂 There is no gorgeous scenery in Pekanbaru, just a little place to go if there is a holiday. Such as Alam Mayang Park, Kaca Mayang, Danau Buatan, Istanum, Siak Palace (hey, is out of my town!! ha..ha..ha..) and a little et cetera.

I move in Pekanbaru about… hm,, october 2004. I don’t remember the date exactly. Then I continue my study at SMPN 2 Pekanbaru (hey it’s funny, when I was in Padang, my school is SMPN 20 Padang.. ha..ha..ha.. just make the 0 (zero) dissapear), in 3rd grade. There is a lot of chinese here, and I found someone that makes me fall in love with.. ha..ha..ha.. and I still can’t get a boyfriend, with the same reason of course, I’m shy so that I can never talking with him. 

After graduation, something that always crush in my mind is… where is the best place to continue my study?? I think that I should have have a job after I graduated, and I don’t know why I’m successfully enter onto SMEA or SMKN 1 Pekanbaru… I don’t know what should I say, alhamdulillah or astaghfirullah??🙂

Oops, enough!! I think there is nothing I can tell you here. Because I have told you about some up there.. see?😉 and about boyfriend.. still the same reason, but I guess it’s more spesific, oh My God, forgive me, there is almost,,, there is no guy here, but they was… they presence, but no cute guys. he.. he.. he.. at least only chinese guys.😉

Something that could I remember is :

1. I have a little friends here (always the same!!! cape de)

2. My achievement increased here ( I think it’s same with my past school that I always be TOP 3 in my class), but there is something special… there is PKS (Promosi Keterampilan Siswa). My teacher choosed me as a representative from my school to compete it, in secretarial Major of course on Province Level for all of SMK (Vocational High School) in Riau. and Thanks God I win it!!! I’m so excited!! Now I can fly to Bandung, West Java to compete PKS for National Level, Indonesia, on behalf of my Riau of course. ha..ha..ha.. I’m so proud! But, hereby I wanna thanks to all my teachers, my parents, and my friends who willingly support me. (except some of my friends😦 ) they didn’t support me and I guess they always try to let me down. But, what happened? I lost it. I couldn’t be a winner.. Just to 10 of 33 Province in Indonesia. But it’s not really bad.. is it? I don’t care, I really happy, coz I can see Bandung, visit Tangkuban Perahu, Strawberry Garden, Gedung Sate, and go around Bandung City. ha..ha..ha.. maybe for a few of you realize it so so, but for me, it’s SPECTACULAR!!!😀

Because of that I can easlily get a job, in here, my office. First because they need me to replace the secretary here, second they really appreciate me and my ability. But what happened…. Till now I don’t really catch or acknowledge my job here. Even sometimes I often do mistakes… what should I do?? I just a contract employee here, no more. My contract will be expired effectively till June 2008, if my 6 months contract approve!! I don’t want to be fired, because I have to run my family life….. I have so much bill to paid… God, please help me…😉

Yeah, I don’t know what will be happened to me. I do make this blog coz I wanna wrote everything that I feel and I suffered, I wanna share and write about my life here. I wish I succeed😉 . Now I just begun, I promise I’ll tell everything comes or happen to me through this blog.😉 Hope you can never bored to read it, and we can get learn!

So, come on my dear problem and happiness… Comes to ME!!! I READY!! (oh please God help me, I have so much sins, pliz forgive me.. :` )

C y Guyz…!!!

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