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My fist write on wordpress!!

Posted by Zura on November 8, 2007

Hello guyz..

Now let be just begin talking about my story.🙂

My name is Dewy Azura. I’m almost 18 years old by now, I come from an extraordinary family in extraordinary life. I have a brother who younger 2 years than me, he was a cute boy… I’d love everything that he has, his manner, his style, his face, everything. I’m proud for having him as my brother (but sometimes he makes me mad enough !).   😀

You see, it seems my life is going to rise every years, eventhough me and my family must suffered so much problem before.  In the past, I really live in a poor life. Why so? Because for the past through it’s not only money to be our problem, but also childish thought of my parents and bad support from my grand ma makes everything’s broke. My parents often fight for even caused by a small thing. I dunno! that’s their problem… I don’t care even they do tell me their story to me as often as they want. From my childhood, I used to  faced so much problem in my family either in my environment. Maybe that’s why in my teenager I’m easily to thinking just like an adult. My condition forced my to do it.

Happiness come along to us rarely, which doesn’t mean I never felt happy in my childhood. Do you know guys, I live in really strange family. Why do I say so, when my parents fight each other as their emotion have been exploded.. U c, their dispute can easily stopped by only a small jokes with a little laugh. ^_^ Guess what, that jokes comes from me!! I do it because their fight really make me out of laugh. They’re really childish, or maybe I do make all problems simple.. ha..ha..ha..

For me, problem is only such a something that makes me headache. I don’t wanna get headache, I wanna be happy all the times… So that’s why I don’t wanna make a problem to be big. There is must be a solvency for it, or at least let it be. My life will be always running if I left it go. But if it really made me so sad and pain, yeah, with do concern I have to cry and when I got satisfie with only crying, ouch, let me sleep. Or if I can’t sleep, let me singing. Or if I can’t singing coz my pain, LET ME EAT SOME FOODS.. ha..ha..ha.. it makes me better.😉 Do you agree with me?? U must.

Wew, you must be bored to read my type up there. Me too! But it’s only a little condition of my life. Hey, I forgot something… I said that my life is going to rise by years through, that’s right! I’m counted maybe borned in a poor life, but every years my life is getting better. Eventhough sometimes my parents dispute AGAIN. But I do really never influenced of their emotion, all that I can do is just watch them, pray to God when this pretty view will stop, and think about an escape.🙂

Hey Guyz.. Don’t you aware that I just only tell about the story of my family, think so.😛 But trust me what I say it’s just a really small part of my rule story… And I really appreciate your kind attention to spend your time for only just my unmutual write, but I think not entire of this which unmutual, hope you got something useful on this…

I’ll continue it later.. So C ya😉 !!

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