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My Life

Posted by Zura on September 14, 2007


I’m so confused right now and right here about the aim of my teen. Fortunately, because of Allah swt loves me, I have been a staff of admin in a company of my talent and my lucky while I’m just a vocational high school student, then my school hold something like practical based on each major through volunteer in a company to get exprerience, than I get job there.

And now, my head is spinning round and round think about where I must drive my life further…

In a side, I wanna be like another teenagers who run their own self free, gotta do anything as they want without any necessity, continue study to university, make friends, have boyfriend, or such a teenagers usually done (possitive thinking only). Other side, I wanna run my career succeedly without any obstraction in a my career growth, run my family, make them happy, give they money, and have fun. Oh God, it’s killing me…

Nowadays, I have no money to study at university, though I have salary.. But, it’s not enough. And you must be ask why??? Absolutely coz I must pay my house’s hire. But, maybe I include for one of lucky person in my age actually. But, I do really wait for any scholarship which can help me compliment what I want, I can ensure that I will now play game with that, I’ll do most my concern on my brain through what I get in that University. But, the problem is just one.. You see, I’m not such a poor person. Hey, I’ve job, I have salary. But as you have read above, it’s not enough.

I’ve searching for along time to catch scholarship on Internet, but it didn’t work. I must wait for new year, 2008, or maybe in mid year (I dunno what you say in English,😉 ) around June, July or August. Hmm… So long, isn’t? However, I don’t trust it will work, at least not now. But I wish so, coz I need it, very pretty so much need it… I can’t survive work without anything come to my brain.. I need acknowledgement, even I still doubt if I get scholarship, what will I choose for the major? So confusing.. Oh God, help me….

Now, all I must to do just go ahead for my job, wait patiently for my dream, I wish it’ll comes true belong me coz I believe Allah swt will never leave me alone with such condition…😉 So, stay cheers and smiilleee….

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