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Hi, Mom!

Posted by Zura on May 12, 2013


Eons has it been since the last time I answered to DailyPost’s Prompt. What was that? Oh, it’s “Explain the name of your blog and why you choose it“. And that challenge was due on August 9, 2011. Whoa! Where have I been all this time?  *sheepish smile* Frankly, I feel awkward to present the “long time no blog” opening each time I post something.😆 Right, people. No rotten tomatoes, please. I come in peace.


As you can see in the title of this awesome post, I pick today as the first day in 2013 to rejoin DailyPost challenge. I can’t say that there will be daily post in here. Depends on how interesting the prompt gets. Right. Let’s see what do I have in mind for this one.

Hi, Mom! *kisses you slobberishly on the cheek*

It’s awkward for me to write a letter that you’ll never read. And it’s more awkward for me to say it directly to you. You see, I’m one of those kids who show their love with action, not words. Because not even the word love can do my love to you justice. This daughter of yours do not take the phrase “you’re my sun, you’re my moon” to her boyfriend. No. I am kind of different. In each and every breath I take, I take it for you. For your smile. For your happiness. I am as much as the air you breathe as you are to me, if not more.

It pains me not being able to bring smile to your lovely face today. It shackles me every time I raised my voice when I talked to you, caused by some silly arguments. It scorches me to see the tears falling from your eyes, because or not because of me. It tears me apart if I cannot make your wish come true.

How I wish I can live a thousand years if I can make you happier and happier in each year. And how I wish I die before you because, I swear, Mom, if someday you leave me alone in this world, you’ll make me a body without soul. An ocean without water. A world without air. Eyes without eyesight. Voice without sound. Because you are that important to me.

Because you are my everything.

As long as I live, I will try my hardest to please you, even though I know it’s a hard thing to do. It’s not as if you ask me to do so, though. I just feel like everything I give you is not enough. You sweat for me. You struggle for me. You bare with me and my childish needs. You make who I am right now. Again, even the utterance “thank you” cannot do my gratefullness to you justice. I hope, and I pray, may each and every sweat you broke for me will grant you one thousand rewards from Allah SWT. May each and everything you do for my wellbeing will give you Allah’s blessing here in this world and hereafter. And may each and every pray for me will lead you straight to Jannah. Amiin…🙂

Mom, even though I rarely say this word, please, know that it’s because it’s such a big and heavy word for me. So big and heavy my tongue can’t bare to say it often. So big and heavy I can’t help but cry when I say it.

I love you.

Very much.


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I’m Starting a Writer’s Blog! :D

Posted by Zura on December 5, 2012

Hullo, Boisterousters!😀

It’s been forever since the last time I update this blog. The main reason why this lovely blog was abandoned because I have been caught up with Wattpad –an awesome community for Writers and Readers–. In Wattpad you can read million stories for free AND you can post a story of your own! It’s so much fun, and I can’t resist the temptation to be online everyday in there.

I’ve been writing two stories so far, both of them are still in progress. Feel free to head to this page if you want to read my novels: Inspired by my friend Addy, I started another blog about my stories, teasers for upcoming chapters, etc. It barely started, *giggles* so there are yet much to read.

Here’s the link of my new blog:

Thanks and bubye…

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Do You Know?

Posted by Zura on October 22, 2012

Sky is not always blue
Sun does not always shine
Road is not always thorny and narrow
Earth is not always mountain and river

Do you know?
That even after an endless darkness
And moonless night
Day shall come
And sun shall shine
Blue shall be the colour of the sky
And black shall bid us goodbye

Do you know?
That even after the wrath of raging storm
The world shall calm
Clouds shall open up
Revealing a glorious arch of glowing rainbow
Soil shall be fertile
And flowers shall bloom

Do you know?
That even after the never-ending thorny pathways
And dark wilderness
Earth shall spread out wide and clear
And you shall be lost never again

Do you know?
That behind the jagged and rocky mountain
And fast current of flowing river
A vast expanse of green field shall spread
And birds shall bring the news of peaceful abide

There is always joy after sorrow
Peace after pain
Smile after tears
Help and bless after trials
And answer for every prayer

Do you know?
That no matter what happens
God is always with us
He never leaves
Even if the whole world turns against us
Unfailing is His sympathy
Undying is His love

Hate Him not for your suffering
Deny not of His existence
For everything is merely a test
To measure how strong is your faith
And how much is your love
In Him
To Him
Lord of the whole universe
The Most Beneficent

Don’t you believe?
Ask your wounded conscience
And corrupted heart…

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